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Wellesley Manor Boutique Hotel. Sure the big boxes did their damage, but soon Amazon had decimated them in turn Borders closed, Chapters consolidated and Indigo eventually relegated to the jasmine-scented candle and throw-blanket business, with the odd copy of Gardening Life thrown in for show. They also had very good sections on modern thought, biography and a great design section. The death knell began clanging decades ago, back when I was a sullen, chain-smoking teenager, hanging around the Book City outlet on Bloor Street West in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood, chatting up the friendly guy who worked there and it was rumoured wrote brilliant minimalist novellas about twisted gay sex when he wasn't standing behind the till recommending I read The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Keyword Title Author Description. I give books to children of the people who work in the office beside ours and, to come clean, I keep a lot of them myself. Moldenhauer sold the Toronto location to John Scythes inbut retained ownership of the Boston store and continued to be involved in the Toronto store's operations.

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Comics - Other Comics. If you think an old man being interested in children's books is weird you don't understand a few important things. I buy every Robert Sabuda creation new when it comes out, when they get remaindered I buy a dozen. Log in Register.

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