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All Simon could think of before Alvin left with his sheets was Austin. Not to mention Austin's own embarrassing- but private- habits. I opened my eyes and my body felt incredibly strange. In the meantime, Alvin tossed his wet sheets, pajamas and underwear in the washer, starting it as he had been taught years before. Jeffrey hated the life he lived, and longed for one that was further from disapproving eyes and closer to nature.

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Angry at Austin for being stupid enough to ride down.

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However, the sides of the ditch were rather steep, and it took hard braking to avoid gathering unwanted speed and momentum. After grabbing a fresh set of hoodies, Theodore led Alvin into the shower in the bathroom. He grabbed the side of his locker to stabilize himself. You're a bully?

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Name-calling and making faces wasn't too bad.

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