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Ethinyl estradiol used to be the mainstay of most estrogen-directed therapies. Columnists Commentary From the Editor Letters. Smart advice go back to doc and say look at me!!! I have recently switched to Estradiol and have gradually noticed some very minor differences. Bone and cardiovascular health are important considerations in transgender patients on long-term hormones, and care should be taken to monitor certain metabolic indices while patients are on cross-sex hormone therapy.

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Approach to management of estrogen in patients with a personal history of VTE.

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Hormone therapy for transgender patients

Protein shakes, weights, build up those arms? The risk of this approach is that if hormone levels particularly testosterone have not reached the target range, but progress is judged as appropriate based on clinical exam, a suboptimal degree of feminization is possible, and the presence of supraphysiologic levels would also be obscured. My mom used it to ease hot flashes, my aunt took it after a hysterectomy and doctors prescribed it for transitioners. Studies have shown that estrogen encourages the production of blood clotting factors in the liver. Keep it safe, maybe breast implants are discounted now.

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As a result, the updated guidelines do not require this step, and instead, the societies recommend that patients transition socially and with medical therapy at the same time 78. Arch Sex Behav ; Click here to cancel reply. Plus, could you please talk about this without the ableism? Patients at risk should be screened sooner and more regularly.

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