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My nature is to be an ally to womankind. Marked only by the black scars of industry, Slavery and greed. He's been here before but not me. You thought I would remember you? One sings. Deep inside my gut the echo rips through Of that sixteen years old explosion That took the life of the thing And sucked the air from the air And nothing yet has returned to grow. Take it then if you like, If those are your terms Give my body to the worms.

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These are real events from his time in Iraq.

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It's inspired, and in its simplicity and suggestiveness, erotic. I have sacrificed my soul on the altar of American Masculinity. Continue to article content. In diapers at tender age I am confused to see the compassion my sisters are Afforded whenever they fall.

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I have no hands, or heart, or ears- You have taken them with you And all of me is gone.

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