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Riku hummed into Sora's mouth pressing firmly onto that sweet spot inside. And now that he thought about it, he did feel pretty intoxicated. You got me so deep, babe. All of him felt hot and sweaty, sticky and. Surfers Kyle and Seth.

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The silver teen began to suck at that spot.

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How the hell could he possibly know how to do this? There he lay, sprawled eagerly in front of the man. James gave a sharp slap to the back of Kendall's thigh, before gripping it tightly and slamming balls deep into Kendall's ass. He stuck his erection into the boy's asshole. Riku laughed, sliding his tongue along the back of his ear. James moaned, throwing his head back and slowly sliding his hips back, before pushing back in.

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Yukimura gave Fuji to Tezuka as a present. He blinked a few times, moving or hand to sleepily rub at his eyes. Riku closed his eyes and moaned, his legs tingling under the feel of Sora's hands. James chuckled, sticking his tongue out and slowly licking down to the base of Kendall's cock. He pushed the vibrator up against his prostate, gasping weakly as it sent shivers down his spine.

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