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Hard Gay Uploaded by GoingMenthol. Hard Gay rose up to become one of the top faces of the HUSTLE promotion, but his pro wrestling career came to an abrupt end in July when he shattered his left foot while diving from the ring during an event at Korakuen Hall. Don't have an account? His act was featured on the Bakusho Mondai no Bakuten! They had many more views than the new ones. Helping a man hand out tissues. The fact that Hard Gay does not portray any Japanese gay subculture also explains why the sketch was allowed to be aired on Japanese TV, which has its own code of political correctness.

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Yet another Takashi Murakami profile. Owarai Natalie Japanese Hard Gay image: An official at Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. He even went to Tomy's director's house to have his own Pop-up Pirate version: I think many people are able to look past his obviously exaggerated homosexuality and see the decent person inside. Still, the logical thing seemed to be to ask some Japanese homosexuals what they think of Hard Gay — whose handlers, by the way, say that he is straight and has a girlfriend. Insert a link to a new page.

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Is there gender equality in Japan? The couple had their first child in Sumitani's character is that of an underdog face that has a never say die attitude and uses his quickness to defeat his larger opponents. Yoshimoto R and C. Bringing new customers to a unpopular but deserving restaurant. You can fin here the forum community that helped translating and subbing HG's videos. Insert image from URL.

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