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Future research is needed to test this hypothesis. These beliefs reflect adherence to a variety of separate norms, including: They were informed that the purpose of the study was to determine the relation between relationship behavior and reaction time under competitive conditions. Among men who competed against the gay male opponent, the total effect of antifemininity, but not status and toughness, on physical aggression was statistically significant. The case of laboratory aggression. You Get a Shock.

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Oxford University Press;

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Stigma and sexual orientation: Journal of Social Psychology. Among participants who competed against the heterosexual male opponent, direct and indirect effects of status, toughness, and antifemininity on physical aggression were not significant. If the current results can be confirmed in probability samples, it would provide convincing support for their application in designing community interventions to reduce violence against sexual minorities. Review of General Psychology. Indeed, self-identification and behavioral experiences are more susceptible to social context effects, self-report biases, and variable meanings. The direct effect of antifemininity on physical aggression was no longer statistically significant i.

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The myth of masculinity. Mediated model The mediated model included paths from sexual prejudice and masculine gender role stress to change in antigay anger and physical aggression. The direct effect of antifemininity on physical aggression was no longer statistically significant i. The mediating role of negative affect. Sexual Prejudice 48 20 10—89 50 22 10—90 5. Examination of traditional gender role beliefs and sexual prejudice. Psychology of Women Quarterly.

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