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Naked Trucker Trucker Encounters Story. In the south, not all truck stops are the modern establishments you see on major highways with names like Petro, Pilot, or 76, all of which have private shower rooms for truck drivers. Still, we knew that someone could have walked in on us at any moment. The moment was rare for other reasons. And I have to admit, thinking that the driver in the next shower was beating off was a fucking turn-on, and I quickly felt my own cock get rock hard. It was one of those rare moments - three drivers, all hot and fairly well hung, and not a troll among us.

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Driver number two then had a field day going between us.

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The other reason it was rare is that all three of us shot our loads at once - driver number one into the mouth of driver number two, who took my own load up his ass while he literally shot a wad that hit the wall. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. I have to admit that by that point, I was curious as hell as to what the other two drivers were like. It was clear that this was a scene at which he had some experience. I generally save pictures to my hard drive and upload them from there so if you see something you originally posted and there's no referral link to your blog, that's why.

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As long-haul truckers, we virtually live in our tractors, which often have fairly large sleeper cabs. We were gambling that no one would walk in on us. This particular truck stop had the usual features: Even though I usually drive naked, I obviously have to put on clothes when I get out of the truck to fuel my rig or go into a truck stop. When I went into the truck stop that night, I was wearing my usual jock, jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of unlaced Reeboks that I keep in the rig for when I have to step outside on rough ground.

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