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A visit from his victim's mother upon parole sends him on a quest to Husband Factor min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 6. Nasty Baby R min Drama 5. Only good thing about that movie was the love making scene was better than average. The two of them decide to take a five-hour ride to Stockholm to solve all their problems, and fall in love along the way.

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Benny, a college freshman at the University of Akron, Ohio meets and falls for fellow freshman Christopher at a football game.

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12 of the Best Gay Films You Missed in 2017

HD Treading Water Cute girls, great script, truly enjoyable lesbian movie! HD Boy Culture Sex pays Two best friends have their relationship tested when Abel tries to help his friend Clement with the latter's love interest Mona. R 94 min Drama, Mystery, Thriller. You May Also Like

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Loev 92 min Drama, Romance 5. I very much will disagree with you on Room In Rome, I thought it was done well, and reasonably accurate at times. Now to have all these films at our fingertips…. In addition to English A fast-paced rev Racism and class have a huge role in this film but never in a heavy handed way. Not something to watch alone. This gorgeous film set in tells the story of a young woman from the French countryside who moves to Paris to get away from her parents, where she falls in with a group of politically engaged feminists and eventually falls in love with Carole, their leader.

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