Unfair treatment of gays in military

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Many soldiers accused of homosexual behavior were discharged for being "sexual psychopaths", although the number of discharges greatly decreased during wartime efforts. In recent years—and particularly as marriage equality gained ground in state and federal courts—proponents of exemptions have drafted bills and filed lawsuits that would exempt people who say that their religious or moral convictions are irreconcilably at odds with what generally applicable anti-discrimination laws require of them in some circumstances. Individuals may be denied services outright; have difficulty finding services of comparable quality, accessibility, or affordability; or avoid seeking services for fear of being turned away. It is time that lawmakers lead, follow, or get out of the way when it comes to caring for our troops and achieving LGBT equality in the military. Despite the demise of DADT and a Supreme Court ruling that struck down sodomy laws across the country, the military maintains sodomy as a criminal offense. The right to work is the most affected among the economic rights, many lesbians, gays and bisexuals being fired because of their sexual orientation or discriminated in employment policies and practices.

unfair treatment of gays in military
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Such legislation immediately endangers LGBT rights. Gender identities Sexual identities Sexual diversities. While these exemptions are almost always couched in the language of religious freedom or religious liberty, they directly and indirectly harm LGBT people in a variety of ways. However, beforeservice members who were found to have engaged in homosexual conduct were likely to receive discharges that were Less than Honorable.

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Interviews were conducted in person in Mississippi in NovemberTennessee in Decemberand Michigan, Mississippi, and Tennessee in January

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