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I'll be Gooseyou can be Maverick. This gay crush or particular tension does not mean an individual is gay or that these feelings will ever be acted upon, only that the feelings involved in the friendship are of a particularly intimate nature and might be interpreted as homoerotic. Well, to answer that question requires a razor — and not the sort that airmen apparently use to shave their well-oiled chests. A proto-metro war movie Mark Simpson. An error occurred. If you set out to create a realistic depiction of a nearly all-male institution in the hopes of attracting millions of hormone-fueled teenage boys to join its ranks not to mention hordes of female moviegoers as wellthen homoeroticism and latent sexual tension are probably going to be added to the mix. All other sexual acts count merely as " flight school " which in time may lead to top gun status.

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King of Debt A debt limit crisis is brewing, and all the negotiators have lost faith in one another.

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And, of course, there is the dialogue: And with Maverick set to show the world why pilots are not obsolete in the age of drone warfare in Top Gun 2the ambiguously gay possibilities abound. Please email us at support ozy. Predator features what might be the most excessively long handshake in cinematic history, in which the bulging biceps of Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers nearly burst.

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The O.

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