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And incidentally, Relient K plans on beginning work on a new project in the near future. I'm for him. I am humbled and grateful for my friends in Switchfoot and RelientK, who took the time to show me so much love and compassion, as we spent time together there. Maybe it's because I'm LGBT and a great believer and studier of science and logic and part of one of their targeted groups, or maybe I'm just anti-social, but the moment they open their mouths and start professing their faith casually outside of the Church space, I want to jam a sock in their mouth and remind them of Jesus' demanding that his followers don't pray in public lip service Superbowl half-time worship isn't genuine worship, or something like that. Saying she's an ugly guy, her air guitar sucks, she's gay, a lesbian, or what have you, is rude and will have your comment removed.

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Somehow, be it wedding gift or merely a culinary purchase, the Hoopes family ended up with a quesadilla maker, with which the new Mrs. What bands are like The Fray and Augustana? That kinda fits with those I know. But, for a festival where people come together to celebrate their love God and their faith in Jesus, it truly felt like the hands of feet and Christ pouring their love out on me.

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