League for lesbian and gay prisoners

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These men were more likely to be serving longer sentences, and to be more open about their sex with men on the outside, and therefore willing to take on the risks of being identified as gay. One of the ways that U. The grounded theory method: I have spent a lot of my adult life inside and although I am gay I never told anyone. For a first-time offense in federal court, a typical mandatory sentence is years Alexander, Song and Popular Culture. In Aprilstudents at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies rioted as police attempted to protect a man who had been chased across the campus because another student had claimed the man had propositioned him in a bathroom.

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Ultimately, low tolerance leads patients to obtain less treatment overall.

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LGBT rights in Jamaica

For lesbians in Jamaica, the situation is considerably more ambiguous. Journal of Forensic Nursing. I think they were frightened that if they supported me they might get picked on in the same way as I was and get bullied. The fact that the two interviewers were male-identified seemed to support the trust and confidence of the interview participants, many of whom said that they were discussing their sexual activity with men for the first time. Despite the tacit acknowledgement of sexual activity in prisons and jails, many participants noted that condoms were not available during the periods of their incarceration.

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American Journal of Public Health1— Men in these interviews described gendered codes, practices, and regulatory strategies that they negotiated through sexual practices amidst complex sexual and social hierarchies in carceral settings. While sexual violence was by far the most frequent discussion of sex while incarcerated, Josiah, who was in relationships with men explicitly discussed being forced to have sex by other prisoners while in prison:. Stigma has been associated with HIV in Jamaica since the beginning of the epidemic, partly because of its association with male homosexuality. The interviewers recorded field notes and the research team reflected in weekly research meetings with the Principal Investigator on the often-stressful experience of hearing about traumatic histories, and of interviewing men, some of whom shared stories of experiencing and enacting extreme violence during their time while incarcerated and beyond. I guess I can hold my own on the wing.

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