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Please forward this e-mail on to your network. So Chelsea Clinton partied with 2, boys can we call them men? He said the purpose of sex is reproduction, and it is the function of the animal body. Posted by Mike in MO March 14, 3: All comments are subject to our Comments Policy.

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Posted by reverend dr dj riz March 14, 5:

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The story was worldwide overnight! Comments Closed In order to combat spam, we are no longer accepting comments on this post or any post more than 14 days old. Especially not that long. Sodomy is a catch-all term for sexual activity other than the reproductive act. All comments reflect the opinions of commenters only.

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In fairness to the Jesse Kern referred to in my above post, these charges were never proven and were subsequently dropped. I would guess not, but according to the very snazzy website of the Des Moines School of Metaphysicshe is not just affiliatedhe is the director of said school. Well, yes, I hope so, one of these days. Posts via daily email: They are not necessarily those of anyone associated with Box Turtle Bulletin.

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