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I live in the Castro and go to a 24 hour fitness that has a gay culture. He hung around long enough to see a third guy eyeballing him. NYC1 Great business model: Ironic that it happened in NYC an allegedly liberal open city. On the west coast, the WeHo Equinox is actually a bathhouse. Since the steam room has closed, the guys cruise each other and jack off in the shower.

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PinkoOfTheGange Or open expressions of sexuality is part of what makes us a community. Many bathhouses also provide free condoms and lubricant. I doubt there are clear laws or policies here. Granted, the response of the man was over the top a bit. Men need to have their own spaces. In spite of the juvenile snickers of some, this is a serious matter.

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He is playing the victim card and asking the governmentment to intervene. I have a very average dad bod cuz I am a dad and would be mortified to be seen sitting around in a towel. I understand that our community is more forgiving of this behavior due to our history… steam rooms and public baths were some of the only places our sexual orientation could be safely explored when it was either socially taboo or outright illegal to be openly gay. My copy of the U. Unless he can prove there was more than one incidence and the Equinox repeatedly ignored his complaints— what will come of this? For really good looking guys, can they do better than some jerk off in a steam room?

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