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An example is Youssef, a 20 year old Moroccan born in Amsterdam. This documentary, filmed by Chris Belloni, focuses on gay rights in the Islamic world. Here at AFF, we are of course celebrating by watching movies. Yet at the same time that Moroccan society is changing, in part as a result of the emergence of digital and social media and the impact this has had on connecting groups, including minorities, around the world, being openly gay in the country is an option for very few. Film still from Salvation Army

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“I Am Gay and I Have the Right to Live in Morocco”: The Shy Coming Out of A Gay Moroccan Man

On 10 Decemberthe court in Ksar el-Kebir, a small town kilometres south of Tangier, fined six men for violating Article He finds calm only when he meets Balil, a handsome handyman. All articles are fact-checked before publication to ensure that content is accurate, current and unbiased. Allah is good and he created me like this. Film still from I Exist Having had sexual experiences with men since his late teenage years and now living independently, Gani does not necessarily feel threatened from his parents and siblings.

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He was first diagnosed as HIV-positive in Maybut had to wait three years to receive medication because of complicated regulations in Morocco. This documentary, filmed by Chris Belloni, focuses on gay rights in the Islamic world. As with Youssef, the sister often discusses the issue with the mother. This also allows correspondents to write more freely about sensitive or controversial issues in their country. While the level of hostility varies from case to case—Jihan having been completely rejected by her family, while Youssef still maintaining some contact, especially with his mother—the range of problems that they face is similar. They express feelings of surprise, at times even disbelief, when meeting someone who identifies as both Moroccan and gay.

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