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Paterson says that people who oppose homosexuality generally pull from five verses in the Bible that mention same-sex acts. I view theology as a bellwether for cultural changes taking place beneath the surface of society. Thank you pastor Paterson and your congregation for being the kind of loving and generous Christians that Jesus intended you to be. Toy recalls a time when gays and lesbians were largely regarded as "psychopathological, criminal and sinful" nationwide, when Ann Arbor police were still distinctly hostile to the LGBT community and when the community's only meeting place was a "dark, dingy, closeted establishment" called the Flame Bar. It's another for the entire congregation to buy into it Naturally, they will select those sections which appear to conform to their contemporary social viewpoints.

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Darcy Crain-Polly, the associate minister at the First Congregational Church of Ann Arborthinks acceptance in Ann Arbor is almost expected, but this is not the case for the rest of the country.

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LGBT-friendly Ann Arbor: 45 years of change

Finally a church that is reading the bible as it was meant to be read and not using the bible as a tool to hate or pass judgment. A2 Thu, Oct 28, Speechless Thu, Oct 28, Inmembers of the First United Methodist Church voted and passed with 90 percent approval a welcoming statement that declared their intent to be inclusive of all, including those in the GLBT community. What often keeps churches from adopting an open and affirming policy is what they see as a conflict between homosexuality and the Bible. This is wonderful, glad you wrote this article!

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There's a lot of people out there who we haven't reached yet, a lot of folks at risk in our community that need to be touched and need resources that we still need to provide them. Ypsilanti's FUMC has been for years. Conkey says that while people may see them as blatantly disregarding Scripture, this simply is not the case. Toy is amazed at the change that's since occurred in Ann Arbor and nationwide. Preaching the Truth not so much.

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