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Social and family life Increasing visibility In the early 21st century gay male life was increasingly visible. It was head-on versus hands-on, if you want to look at it like that. Some cities offered professional networking organisations, and groups for the parents of gay offspring. Pansy Television, Full Length. As in many other countries, there are numerous gays and lesbians involved in various branches of the arts. It was the difference between illustrating that dissolution and actually becoming it — and not just being it temporarily, but living with the decision for good. Inall kinds of sexual activity between men was criminalised, with penalties including imprisonment, hard labour, and flogging.

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Since then, a broader range of family types have become common and accepted, widening parenting choices for gay men.

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The immortal artist

Still, most gay men conducted their sexual relationships out of reach of the law, unless they approached an unwilling partner who subsequently laid a complaint. Between and there were 3, civil unions. Astronomy-obsessed worrier Richard meets part-Italian Johnny, a man whose idea of a holiday involves breaking into the nearest bach. With a magnifying glass, he scans for the Yugoslavian stamps: Racing cars and motorbikes, each accompanied by its own special canvas. Retrieved 22 February John, from an old European-Fiji family was the Director-General of the Fiji Red Cross and worked as a go-between in the hostage crisis during the coup.

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Pedantic, reductive and difficult, Billy Apple was on a collision course with his contemporaries in New Zealand. Apple kept anticipating, and as Morrison says he never stood still long enough for art history to catch up with him. It was head-on versus hands-on, if you want to look at it like that. And when other Pop artists were playing with silkscreens, Apple was working with a company called Xerox, running off his work using a new reproduction technique the corporation thought might have legs. Retrieved 25 July Surely, I ask, the pair knew exactly what they were doing:

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