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Porn Hub — Yes, the king of the tubes makes an appearance on this list, too. And this site seems to have some of the best reviews when it comes to prison porn, too. However, while the video quality is usually pretty good, there are only a few hundred videos which fit this niche. The premium stuff is a lot of the same stuff that you've seen before on other tubes listed here. Friends having fun while watching porn 22 min Simonnothing -

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There are hundreds of videos featuring men forced to suck cock, get their ass nibbled, being probed by a baton only to get their holes stretched out by some man meat later.

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Now calm down, from what I can tell, the r-word is used as a euphemism for a really rough fuck and not an actual violation. And with all of this variety, you get your pick from vanilla or at least what qualifies as vanilla for this kink to the most intense, anal assault fag footage. Besides the fantasy of encountering a stronger, more manly man than you who can pin you down and force is prick up inside you, there are a few fantasy scenarios that I often see on these sites. Plus, I usually love imagining being the submissive one.

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And if you do, make sure that no matter your role, just like the actors in these movies, be sure you both have good safe words.

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