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National Championships, which were held in his hometown of San Jose. I saw that he lived in Los Angeles, and, like me, was a writer. What remained was my love of Olympic figure skating, and I watched rapt every four years. Her professional break with Galindo left him devastated and unfocused. Because, for a sport that revolves around individuality and expressiveness, figure skating has a rather complex history with gay athletes.

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Rippon said that if given the opportunity to meet with Pence before the start of competition, he would turn it down.

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Olympic team that morning, making him the first out gay athlete to represent the United States at the Winter Olympics. Embracing for the cameras afterwards, they were united not just by their sport but by history. And when I step out onto the ice and compete at the Olympic Games, I will be able to say that for the rest of my life. He choreographed special numbers for benefit performance s for her Always Dream Foundation — and he is coaching her youngest daughter, Emma, 12, on the ice as well.

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