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The Peace Room is a permanent historical display dedicated to the citizens of Gifu who were killed during the latter stages of World War Two and to the promotion of peace. Meetings are held twice a month. Highlights and photos from autumn in Japan — beautiful Japanese maple trees and even winter cherry blossoms. On Monday through Thursday, arrive here before 9 p. A mausoleum of Nobunaga and his son, Nobutada, is located here on the temple grounds.

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The relaxed vibe of this chic bar makes it a great place to start your night.

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4 LGBT Bars in Sapporo

Run by a friendly couple, it has reasonably priced beer and offers good bar meals. Other things to see in Gifu Park include a three story vermilion pagoda that was constructed in to celebrate the enthronement of the Emperor Taisho. It is also possible to get a massage near here to ease your aching limbs after a long day hiking. Try the local foods at the small restaurant Juri J for a taste of that local culture! Chubu International Airport is the nearest airport to Gifu. More information about the city is available on their official tourism website in English.

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As a rather sprawling region, there are many great activities and things to do in Gifu Prefecture. Here are some of the top highlights and cities worth visiting. The captured fish are salted and grilled on charcoal and traditionally served up with soy sauce, Japanese beer and sake. Gifu has a long history of paper production and is well-known for its high quality paper umbrellas and paper lanterns. Gifu Castle is clearly visible on the hill above.

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