Can post-op transgender women have orgasims

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Treatment follow-up of transsexual patients. In total, 38 subjects Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery. In conclusion, orgasms after surgery were experienced more intensely than before in the majority of women in our cohort and neoclitoral sensitivity seems to contribute to enjoyment of sexual activity to a greater extent than neovaginal depth. British Journal of Urology Internationa. Gustav Fischer Verlag;

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The sensitivity of the neoclitoris correlated with the ability of sexual arousal and achieving an orgasm, as well as with the self-estimated pleasure of sexual activity.

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Sexuality after Male-to-Female Gender Affirmation Surgery

In the majority of women, orgasms after surgery were experienced more intense than before. Another reason is that patients often move following successful surgery [ 5 ]. The authors declare that they have no potential conflicts of interest. Frequency of achieved orgasms changed in our cohort after GAS. In this retrospective study we could not rule this out. Review of surgical techniques and recommendations regarding eligibility. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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Annals of Plastic Surgery. Patients who had not sent back the questionnaire could not be followed up due to previous anonymization. Of these 91 women 22 Sensate pedicled neoclitoroplasty for male transsexuals: We received feedback regarding pleasure of sexual activity from 88 women Treatment options for nontranssexual gender dysphoria. When asked how satisfied the women were with the depth of the neovaginal canal, 19 were very satisfied

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