Amstredam gay guide

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Cheap, cheerful, tasty, filling. The Pink Point is open from Today there are well over Amsterdam gay bars, with many more LGBT friendly venues throughout the city. Three floors offer distinct vibes — making liberal use of graffiti, glitter and concrete — and a toilet DJ keeps the party going while you wash your hands at a giant pink phallus. Queer or not - Prik is hot. The straight friendly event series features performances and music, and is organized by the gay and youth advocacy organization Stichting Pann.

Rotterdam also has a thriving gay scene whose epicenter is focused on bars situated around Van Oldenbarneveltstraat and in the neighborhood of Westblaak.

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The north end of the beach is a nude beach and popular with the locals. Real progress was made from the s on, leading to the formation of many LGBT groups and the release of the Gay Krant magazine. Festival events are organised throughout the weekend, including the always-excellent Drag Queen Olympics in which contestants compete in games such as the handbag toss and the meter high heel sprint. The only lesbian pool table in town resides in the basement.

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Cheeky theme nights abound.