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He must have feared being ostracized or losing his job. It's a really hard situation to get your head around and there is so little to read about it, most likely because it is a secret and informal relationship. It involves a process of transforming feelings, as well as giving up the hope that the past or person can be changed [ 59 ] following a protracted period of time trying to do so. More gay bashing whatever name you call it Submitted by FemHusband on December 3, - Children, in-laws and friends may all find themselves caught up in events, and perhaps having to take sides. It also seemed to enhance the communication between the couple, thereby facilitating resolution of the hurt at the marital dissolution, and constructive change.

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Just kept it simple and made it ok for the kids. Although young people seem to be coming out at younger and younger ages, for a variety of reasons many men do not see coming out as a possibility. While Christine moved relatively quickly to end the marriage, most participants did not.

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Many would suggest, however, that these attractions are not so black and white, with many more grey areas between gay and straight.

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