Accepting your husband is a transsexual

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Having more information about their needs and desires can help you understand what they want and how they want to express themselves. The Queer Issue by Christopher Frizzelle. No one did a double take. They are likely to be very confused. Or, a spouse may not find roller coaster nearly as traumatic. Or, try making a cup of tea and feeling the warm cup in your hands. It does not make you a bad person.

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I would expect you to go through all of the stages of grief.

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15 Spouses of Transgender People On How Their Relationship Changed After The Unexpected Transition

Now with two children I am on the brink of divorce because I cannot handle this. He WAS depressed, but it was because of frustration. It never ends though, Maddy. I too love him physically as well. Some trans people take a gently gently approach.

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However, he is my best friend; and he will always have a place in my life as my friend. And I was totally accepting of that. So ideally, he would like to present as a female cat. Emotions are running high, change is constant, and all your cracks show through. Thank you for your post! It wasn't until a camping trip in August, during which Kyle admitted to being very depressed, that these subtle changes took a 3-D form I couldn't ignore anymore.

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