Transgender bra size self measurement

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I saw a really good post on reddit about transgender bras. Every breast form fits differently. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I've been self-conscious about my chest my whole life, now I feel like I've finally found something that helps. The obvious choice would be the size 20 dress. The first measurement is going to be taken going around your chest, approximately two inches below your nipple. We would suggest for this guide you do in fact just measure the body circumference from under the arms.

transgender bra size self measurement
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They measured me at 42D and it fit like a charm.

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Help keep our community up to date! Now, I've always known that I had somewhat larger than average man-boobs, but they've never seemed comparable to the average ciswoman's in size. But basically, I do recommend going to get a professional fitting.

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Bras strike me as largely unnecessary for us, since our larger frames splay things out so much we don't project enough to warrant heavy support.

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