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We go back to integrity, justice and compassion. More stories from New South Wales. He said such a thing was "unthinkable". No real difference between a gay or straight student in that sense. How mindfulness can reshape your brain By science reporter Belinda Smith It's touted to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and bolster cognitive performance, but mindfulness meditation also physically changes the brain. By science reporter Belinda Smith.

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Since Friday, Mr Heath has declined Hack's repeated offers to come back on the show and clarify his position and the meaning of the letter.

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Liberals split over Labor bid to end religious schools' ability to sack gay teachers

The clause means they could legally fire teachers for being gay. However, the principals have been reluctant to speak to the media and clarify the intention of the letter. The final report was kept secret and has been sitting in a desk drawer somewhere in Canberra for several months, its details only revealed today after a leak to a newspaper. Data shows impact of property downturn in your suburb India defeats Australia in first Test after thrilling chase, as it happened Housing prices are plunging, but we really should have seen it coming Are we seeing the last generation of grey nomads? Similar to those who are heterosexual. Sydney Anglicans pass policy banning SSM on church properties.

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The Federal government is reportedly considering recommendations from a review into religious freedom which calls for religious schools to be given the right to turn away homosexual students. The issues have become conflated when it comes to gay students looking for allies among the faculty. What do teachers think of shy students? This positive right would replace existing religious exemptions in federal law that allow discrimination but do not override state laws. The principal of an elite Sydney private school has apologised for any confusion or hurt feelings caused by a letter from the school to government asking to retain the power to expel LGBT students and sack teachers. Sydney Anglicans pass policy banning SSM on church properties.

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