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Travel Info Card. Authorities and the gay rights movement worked successfully hand in hand. As in other parts of Europe, most homosexual acts performed in the Confederation were pederastic inter-generational. This is a place you go to be seen; wallflowers need not attend. In in Basel, the Dominican Heinrich von Rheinfelden was protected from prosecution by the Grand Council by his order, despite evidence of homosexual acts. Above all, it could not reach left-wing gays and gay students. The topic of homosexuality was first mentioned by Swiss Televisionunder the theme of "youth protection", in programmes broadcast in January and February

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Other cities.

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It is also a land full of extraordinary places to explore. In addition to the Parade and the final rallies, there are four days of street festivals and cultural events with artists, political events, lectures, readings and parties. His focus being on a connection between female homosexuality in Sappho and the island of Lesbos.

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For a conviction, the offence had to be proved through witness statements, leading to a drastic decline in the number of convictions.

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