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He's at least 48 and thinks he can pass for Gayer than a stack of pristine Judy Garland albums. The curriculum he developed for the program teaches students about being good stewards of the planet through gardening. Just a new layout Val. What was that Oscar Wilde quote? R17 - what's his BF like? The home page of his Web site gives "pop-up" new meaning.

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When you are king of the hill, someone is always trying to throw you down in the dirt!

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P Allen Smith Bio, Wife, Boyfriend, Life Partner, Family and Net Worth,

His home, Moss Mountain Farm, serves as a place of inspiration and education. Allen Smith is the most popular gardening and design experts in America. He grew up in McMinnville, Tennessee with his family. But you can get one too! La Vida Con Deby.

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Why don't you like him, r1? Please read our comments policy before commenting. I wish my local PBS would carry his show. Individuality all the way! What about oral skills?

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