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Coping as a communal process. Indeed, two recent large national studies showed elevated frequency, severity, and persistence of childhood abuse Austin et al. American Journal of Psychiatry. Health impact of interpersonal violence: When mastery was entered with physical assault, the independent variable no longer significantly predicted the dependent variable Path C 2supporting the role of mastery as a full mediator.

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It is suited more to Natives who live in large multiethnic urban environments; those who live in rural or reservation areas have their own terms to identify non-heterosexual people in their communities.

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Department of Health and Human Services is one example. Alcohol dependence and domestic violence as sequelae of abuse and conduct disorder in childhood. Not only were most of the women in the sample abused at some point during their lifetime, but they experienced abuse by multiple perpetrators, including family members, acquaintances, and strangers. In addition, older women and women with less income and education were more likely to experience partner violence.

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University of Illinois Press;

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