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Kerry was one of 14 senators to vote against the law — a fact that is sure to be raised in the campaign, should he get the nomination.

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One day i was in the locker room after doing sports, and i needed a shower to wash off a little, so i got undressed and wrapped a towel round me whilst i took off my boxers so no one could see my cock but then when i looked up, no one else was doing that, everyone else was just getting undressed there and then, and getting naked in-front of everyone, and no one cared, so i started to do the same, because i realized it was fine, but then when i looked up a second time, i saw Jack's ass

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This fundamentally in the United States is based on economics.

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The video starts with Katy Perry sitting on grass with flowers surrounding her and smiling clouds in the sky behind her.

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Gay men with straight wives are coming out -- as happily married "Mixed-orientation marriages" have always existed, but now they're in the middle of the marriage equality battle