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Personally, I always identified with Brainy smurf anyway. The adventure of Smurfette first started in Spirou magazine in Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. When I was a kid, I never thought of Vanity being gay. She quickly rose through the ranks and would sometimes be left in charge of the Smurf village while Papa Smurf was away. Her dress became frillier.

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This article possibly contains original research.

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June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Subsequently, the comics also started to feature her as a permanent character. The effects include Smurfette changing back to her original appearance and malicious personality before she could consult Papa Smurf on the matter. Actually I assumed that Hefty, the bodybuilder smurf with the tattoo and handy were the gay ones. Views Read Edit View history. What is that-like where was that when I was watching Disney channel as a kid. Greedy soon caught on, all the tugging eventually threw Smurfette off balance and she promptly fell into the river.

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Smurfette as she originally appeared left and after Papa Smurf turned her into a real Smurf right. Retrieved from " https: Log in Sign up. An Illustrated Encyclopedia that the reintroduction of Smurfette as a permanent character in the animated series was "bowing to merchandising dictates" in order to "appeal to little girl toy consumers. Her dress became frillier. The Smurfs got their revenge on Gargamel by using the same process that he had used to create Smurfette, but in this case they built a human-sized, wart -covered, ugly old hag who spoke in Smurf language and chased the horrified sorcerer all over the forest.

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