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And the only way you can express them is to have an affinity and an understanding. Dafoe played a paraplegic, wheelchair-bound Vietnam veteran who befriends the film's subject Ron Kovic played by Tom Cruiseanother paraplegic veteran. The Sunday Times. April 11, My particular favourite was Pulp frontman and style icon Jarvis Cocker singing a bad campfire song but Dafoe's turn as Rat was decliciously creepy for a "kids" film. Short Description: The cameo was suggested by Dafoe, comparing it to the ghost of Hamlet's father visiting his son to ask him to avenge his death.

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The then-couple took their vows sometime in and together they share a son named Jack Dafoe.

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The Harvard Crimson. In Relation. Everything or Nothingand Beyond:

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David Cronenberg for me can be hit and miss but he does have a habit of casting very well indeed, Ralph Fiennes in Spider for example or Viggo in the very recent and still-blowing-me-away Eastern Promises, and then of course every single choice for

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