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Inu Yasha didn't quite know how to respond. He pulled away and quickly stripped himself of his armor and robes until he was completely naked and itching to lay his claim over the gorgeous half demon. Saying that one's scent is so spectacular that it could wipe the mind is the highest compliment possible and yours is spectacular. Blinking, he stood, walking to the shore, slipping on his garments, tying the sash and looking up with those brown eyes to capture Jaromaru's image. Cinque one shot, tutte yaoi, tutte erotiche, tutte con personaggi maschili che hanno una cosa in comune:

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Looking down the torn torso, he leaned down, licking some blood off the body his rival owned, the one…that was now so addicting, now that he got a closer look.

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So there is a gay dude in inuyasha?

It's true that if you were a woman not being able to have pups would be problematic but you're not, we wouldn't have been able to procreate anyway. I look at him confused, "Then who do you love? I sit up as his pink tongue flicks the tip. Waltzing over to the stream, Inuyasha undid his sash, pulling off his top, then his bottom. As he drew closer the smell continued to grow stronger and other, familiar, scents joined it as well. After being alone for years, InuYasha is suddenly being stalked by all kind of demons, bothering the hell out of the hanyou. Sango and Kirara went to her village to do some repairs on her weapon a few days ago.

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Sesshomaru and Inuyasha Takashi were fun to hang out with, generous with their friends, and all together great guys. I sit at my computer and look at this newly word document. The light purple haired demon flipped the reluctant human over, harshly yanking the sash off as he pinned Inuyasha down, the young form thrashing about, trying to get away. Finally I couldn't take it any longer, "So you don't love Sango? Still, they were tied in more ways than could be described by any human language. Oh and please give some pairings you would like to see.

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