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April 18, Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. I get that, but what I meant was why did he never have a love interest like gohan and goten, even non-canonally, I phrased the question poorly. Log in or sign up in seconds. Don't you know anything? Once they were lying down, Goten put his arms around Trunks and held him close, engulfing him in a warm hug.

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I'm talking about being as kids.

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I remember that, but that was when they were grown up. Dragon Ball S: He may have been a little kid, but that doesn't mean he can't realize his sexuality. It was shown in the manga that future trunks dates men, since Japanese are rather conservative to homosexuality, being shown to their kids in shounen manga it was not shown in the manga.

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He spent 2 years in solitude with manhunk Vegeta and didn't try anything seductive.

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