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Rapgirl- If you are really that concerned with it, I have to ask, why? I have my left ear pierced and I am gay So it doesn't exactly say anything. As for your parents, you're on your own there. He identified with that concept and pierced his You might want to do what someone else suggested and try a clip-on first. May 12, Posts: Dec 22, Posts:

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Who cares what others think of you?

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Having your right ear pierced

TBH, when I see a guy with ear piercings I percieve him as fem. May 14, Posts: Just-Breathe It just looks bad, if you are going to get your ear pierced get them both done. Most people wont find ear piercings negative unless they're flashy as HELL. A gay friend of mine really misses the trend, actually; he loved having the clear signal of whom it was more okay to try to chat up. Pirate It matters if you don't want people assuming you're gay.

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Pirate Nothing wrong with having both ears pierced unless you wearing hoop earrings. You need the right hair style and face shape, otherwise it'll look naff. You know what would make me gay Wanting to have sex with men. Peacock theory my friend. However, it was the exact opposite in other places. If you don't want people to think you're gay it's best not to use one of their symbols. Is the only type of piercing on men's ears that's ok to be honest.

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