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On arrival at the hotel, please look for our sign in the lobby giving details. The route includes a stop in the small and enchanting village of Acaya. Those looking for a shorter, relaxed day of cycling will enjoy the quiet roads leading to the famous cheese town of Epoisses and its castle. Much of the ramparts wall that protected the medieval town still stands; our afternoon walk for cyclists who arrive early takes us along part of that sturdy wall, which averages feet in thickness. Our first village is Flavigny, a fortified town from the Middle Ages with the ruins of a seventh-century abbey. Just when you thought you had had enough adventure, a new one begins!

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Burgundy would be magical under any circumstances.

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When your schedule allows it, you'll probably want to spend some time sightseeing in town, with others from the trip, before departing. Cycle amongst fields of spring green tobacco plants where rustling leaves create harmony with the haunting sounds of vagueros. Hike one of the most remarkable trails in the entire world on our gay Incan Trails tour on the Salkantay Glacier route. Once in Lecce, make your way to your accommodation in the very centre of Lecce and settle in: A perfect trip for couples with different levels of cycling experience is The Provencal. For much of the French population, lunch rather than dinner is the big meal of the day, and every French town has at least one cafe where the locals come day after day for refueling.

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Visit Chateauneuf, Roman ruins, medieval towns, and important sites in Catholicism. Equipment and sleeping mats are included, and you'll never have to pitch your own tent in the traditional sense of the word. Join this gay Italy bike tour and enjoy the friendly Italian people, varied landscapes, world-famous cuisine, castles and splendid palaces, Etruscan tombs, museums, and medieval villages that make each day of cycling a new adventure! Lose yourself amongst the old ramparts and narrow lanes of this attractive town. During the height of the Holy Roman Empire, Central Europe nurtured architectural and musical influences that continue to this day. Fast becoming the gay destination of South Italy, this area is rich in culture, food, awe inspiring landscapes, white sandy beaches and some gay nightlife for good measure!

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