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People would flood the comment threads asking how they could help, and just as many would also show off their sheer ignorance and lack of compassion towards other people. Every channel, every minute! InMoore said: It urges that its members "live together faithfully in the midst of disagreements. After any disaster, we hear stories of heroism where people risk and even sacrifice their own lives to save those of many others.

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Txa 21 you didnt menti on till it was over.

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Gay bans and praise for Putin: the world according to Senate hopeful Roy Moore

Latest News Most Popular. We don't give a crap about storms. You people are beyond idiotic. All of the above comments are publicly available on various television station Facebook pages in St. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. That's what the Internet and weather channel are for. These are some of the most inflammatory comments from the man who was twice removed from his former position as chief justice of the Alabama supreme court and revved up a supportive crowd on the eve of the election by brandishing a gun on stage at a rally.

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Show The top show on TV!! Every channel, every minute! When people make fun of the south for being almost puritanical in its conservatism and hardcore religiosity, I truly understand where that ridicule comes from. Hateful remarks made daily on the Club by Pat Robertson who blames the gays or African-Americans or women or Mexicans for just about every damn thing these days are bad enough on their own without the vitriol being mirrored back in kind towards people who have nothing to do with him. But I can watch an hour of weather maps! Latest News Most Popular.

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