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Queen Margrethe brings a splash of colour as she joins Danish royals to celebrate years of the national flag Looked striking ITV plans new 'Jeremy Kyle-style' show and takes to social media to call for cheaters and victims of affairs to come forward weeks after guest's death Coronation Street star Sam Aston's wife Briony claims she was 'groped by a disrespectful man who followed her around a store' What Adele has really, really wanted since she was a little Spice girl Getter of Footsteps. The mother has been the children's primary caretaker since birth, and their emotional and intellectual development is closely tied to their relationship with her. Rabbi Adam Feldman of the Jewish Center in Princeton said he had announced he would perform same-sex weddings when the law changed in New Jersey last year. As such, we deem it appropriate to direct the mother to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the children's appearance and conduct comply with the Hasidic religious requirements of the father and of the children's schools while the children are in the physical custody of their father or their respective schools. She fully expected to maintain traditional customs, so she barely noticed the clause requiring her to do so in her divorce agreement.

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Here, there was no showing that unsupervised visitation was detrimental to the children and, as discussed more fully below, it was wholly inappropriate to use supervised visitation as a tool to compel the mother to comport herself in a particular religious manner. The story behind 'poor little rich girl' Gloria Vanderbilt's family fortune, built in the Johnson under pressure to answer questions about the size of his family as privacy case over 'illegitimate daughter' resurfaces Husband of sleep-deprived new mother JAILED after she fell asleep at wheel and killed a grandmother says he would never have let her drive if he'd known she was tired Row as ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley jokes Susanna Reid 'should be kept on suicide watch' during Soccer Aid coverage after her team loses out to Piers Morgan's Shocking moment angry motorist is flung into the air when he is poleaxed by a hit and run driver in road rage row Yoga at dawn for Generation Sober: Same-sex marriage became legal in Connecticut inin New York.

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Although the court accepted the father's argument that the religious upbringing clause "forb[ids] [the mother from] living a secular way of life in front of the children or while at their schools," the plain language of the parties' agreement was "to give the children a Hasidic upbringing" emphasis added.

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